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From: Darren C
Subject: 18th Birthday Bash -Chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------If you are under 18, or do not like anything sexually expressive, this is
not for you, and this material is mine, so it's copyrighted. Copyright
2003. If you wish to take it, DON'T! I am not including my name or email in
this, as young amature gallary I wish to have privacy...----------------------------------------------------------------Note: This is mostly true except for the parts of sexual activity, This
is where my dream of what happened comes in. And the names have been
changed for my / friends privacyIt was a Friday night, my birthday wasn't until Monday, but I was having
a party at my place cause my sister was moving the next day. My name is
Cory; I have dyed hair, which is burgundy, and blue eyes. My figure is
not that great, but I'm not overweight, and just over six feet tall.So I was preparing for the party, I was downstairs with my friend Amy;
she was the first to come over cause she walked over after we got off the
bus. So I let her on the computer to amuse herself while I cleaned up a
little. It was about four fifty and I was expecting some people to show
up soon. And no sooner did I think that, the doorbell rang. I ran
upstairs and answered the door; it was Tammy and Daniel. So I quickly
offered them a drink and we all went downstairs.We all talked, but it seemed like only a few moments before the doorbell
rang again, it was Sammy, She was annoying, but still a friend. Once
again we retreated downstairs to escape the parental units upstairs..."Hi Sam" Daniel exclaimed. She was trying to be nice, and you can
tell...Her and Sam weren't friends at all."Hi..." She replied seeming fucking young children confused."Well why don't you guys have a young girl cumshots seat and I'll get something for you to
drink" I quickly said to end the silence."I'm not---" And the doorbell interrupted Sam."Be right back" I said quickly as I ran up the stairs again to get it
before my dad did. And I succeeded, I opened the door and there was Quinn
(girl), Trish (also girl) and Tom; He has short black hair and brown
eyes, and not to mention tall...his voice was so soft and warming. They
were carrying him. I knew they were gonna be buzzin before they came, but
he was tanked. So they carried him downstairs and sat him in a chair. I
really felt bad for him, mainly cause I had feelings for him, but never
brought myself to tell him.Soon after, all my quests had arrived; I had nine girls and one guy,
excluding myself. We were all downstairs trying to keep Tom still. But he
really needed to have a piss, so young amature gallary I walked him upstairs. My dad doesn't
approve of drinking, so I told him that Tom was jus really sick, and that
he had been all day. And to my surprise, it worked! I really don't like
to lie, but I love this man, and I'd be dammed if he would get kicked
out!Tom was so drunk that I held him all the way down the stairs, my hands
placed on his shoulders. All of a sudden, a feeling came over me...I
wanted to hold him in my arms and comfort him, until he felt better, but
I quickly shoved that though into the dark recesses of my mind and
continued to help him into the room.Dad had informed us a while after that, blonde young
that the pizza had arrived and he
was heading out with his girlfriend for supper, and that my sister was in
charge...I was a little upset at that, mainly cause I was gonna be 18 and
I was treated like a 12 year old. But my dad and me never really got
along!I got Sam to help me serve the food and then dished out my own. We were
having a blast downstairs, My sister was nice though, she always young amature gallary let me
have privacy when I had friends over. young lesbian pics She was upstairs watching TV and
that youngest girl raped
was fine for her. So Tom was "eating" his pizza, I knew that it
would absorb some of the alcohol and bring him within human reach. It was
by now that I could really make my sister believe he was only sick. And
once again he had to porn young stream piss, so I once again helped him. (we have a low
ceiling in the basement and duct work hanging down) He was looking at his
shoes and I saw him about to hit the ductwork..."Tom, LOOK OUT" I yelled, and quickly grabbed him by his sweater and
pulled him down just below the ductwork. As I calmed down, I realized I
had my hands on his waist, and again the feeling inside me surfaced. And
again, I forced it down...I couldn't let anyone here know, not ever!When he got out of the bathroom, he slowly walked by me, and said "I'm
sorry"I looked up and said, "don't be""Sorry" he once again replied...I stared at him for a moment and just let the feeling show itself, I
think he noticed at that moment that I loved him, and then...I said "I
can't be mad at you" before I realized what I had said, he smirked and
returned downstairs.I stayed upstairs for a moment and then decided to go downstairs, hoping
that he would forget, being in his drunken state. As I entered the room,
everything seemed normal, no one said anything and apparently, neither
did he...I was in the clear...----------------------------------------------------------------And that's it for part one, I will have part two done very soon, as I
have a lot of time to work on this and remember this evening very well. I
really hope you enjoyed it.----------------------------------------------------------------
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